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If you’ve visited our competitor’s websites, you may have been surprised at the confusing array of service tiers. You may be experiencing “information overload” from the sheer volume of information. You may be asking “What if I only need 5 phones but still want all the features?”

Or, “How do I figure out what my phone bill will really say?”

We have the answers to most of your questions below. Just touch or click on each of the lines below for an explanation. You can also chat with a representative by clicking the “Chat” icon on this page, or call us anytime, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Link Business Communications Features

Link Business Communications is your one stop shop for affordable office phone systems and services.


One Simple Service Tier

Link Business Communications believes in easy to understand pricing.
In our one pricing tier you purchase all your phones at our low discounted pricing and your per extension monthly cost is $19.95.

All Features Turned On

Cloud Business Phone Systems include all the features available with older style phone systems as well as much, much more. Because a “Cloud” phone system is based on software and not hardware, the list of features and capabilities is almost endless. In fact, a comment often heard from smaller clients is “I don’t need all those bells and whistles”.

Unlike other companies, Link Business communications has all features turned on. A common practice with other companies is to reserve some features for larger companies and to charge more for added features. We don’t do that.

You may not need all the “Bells and whistles” but you’ll be glad to know that if you ever do, you won’t end up paying more.

Only Premium Phones

No “Starter Phones” here. We are a Grandstream provider and we provide only Enterprise level phones. Without exception, our phones can serve the needs of businesses with one extension to hundreds.

Other companies provide lower grade phones produced by some manufacturers specifically so that these companies can give you “free” phones. Later these phones only end up costing more when they either fail or you realize that they really don’t fill your needs and you now must upgrade.

Industry Low Pricing

Link Business Communication's price is a flat fee of $19.95 per month per extension.

US Based Support

If you should ever need support, we offer several options so that you can always reach us. Whether by telephone, e‐mail, online chat or through our ticket portal, rest assured that you are communicating with a person within the United States.

Unequaled Client Support

Every client is automatically enrolled in our Client Care Package. This package includes all technical support (Of course!), all system administration (Again, of course!), all software and firmware updates as they are released (Duh!) and something else that you can’t get anywhere else: No charge replacement of any phone that ever fails due to accident or through normal wear and tear. This isn’t just a manufacturers warranty either. Link Business Communications offers a virtual guarantee that you’ll never have to shop for new phones ever again.

As Many As 4 Service Tiers Or More

Try and figure out what your actual price is going to be. You’ll find out that the low price you see on the web site is reserved for companies who need 50 phones. Is that you? What, you only need 7 phones? Then, your monthly price will be much higher.

We have just one easy to understand price tier.

Hidden Fees That Are Not On Your Quote

These fees aren’t mentioned in your pricing and often come as a real surprise when you see the first bill. Fees like the USF fee and the Line Recover Charge. Sometimes, these can really add up and change your monthly bill substantially.

Not with us. Our flat fee pricing has no surprises and everything is up front.

Some Features Cost More

Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a “soft phone” where you have the ability to use your office extension from your cell phone. Or, perhaps you’d like a twin of your desk phone at home so you can work from there.

These are just two examples of services for which you are charged more. There are more examples also like, Call Queues, additional Auto Attendants, Call Center features. These are all examples of features we have turned on for you at no extra charge.

Higher Pricing

Whether you need 1 phone or 100, once you figure in the real monthly cost, it is always higher than our clear, flat monthly pricing.

Support Sometimes Overseas

Often to lower overhead costs, companies employ support companies from overseas locations. These companies very often handle support issues for hundreds of companies across various technical fields. This can be frustrating for someone who just needs to solve their problem…now.

Weak Client Support

While you can usually get technical support at no charge, that certainly does not include the high level of “Client Care” that we provide. Will your software and firmware be updated as the releases come in? With us it will. Will you be able to get additional live user training when you hire a new employee? With us you will. Most of all, will they ship you a brand new phone at no charge if you accidentally knock yours off your desk some morning? We will. If your phone fails for any reason due to accident or normal wear and tear, we’ll send you a replacement at no charge. The replacement will be the same model or better.

Link Business Communications consistently strives to stay at the forefront of innovation, continuously seeking out the latest and most advanced features to enhance our services and better cater to our clients' needs. With a dedication to providing unparalleled communication solutions, we proactively explore emerging technologies and trends to ensure that our clients receive the most efficient, reliable, and cutting-edge services available. By staying ahead of the curve, we empower businesses to streamline their operations, improve productivity, and ultimately achieve their goals with confidence.

Link Business Communications Link Business Communications Link Business Communications Link Business Communications Link Business Communications Link Business Communications Link Business Communications Link Business Communications 

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